Megan Van Wagoner / Art



Growing Dilemma, 2009–2014

Growing Dilemma considers the changing value placed on agricultural land and it’s products. Through the artifacts of it’s production I am exploring how we value the inputs and outputs of the land. I grew up in Ohio spending my weekends on dairy farms and amongst rolling fields of corn. Watching the landscape change as a response to changes in agricultural practices has made me consider our culture’s expectations for food production and land use. This is reflected in the sculptural objects created in the likeness of known artifacts and those that are artificial.

Standing Production, 2014 Standing Production, detail, 2014 Three Bushel Monte, 2011 Three Bushel Monte, detail, 2011 Subsidized Comfort, 2010 Subsidized Comfort, 2010 Ground, 2012 Ground, detail 2012 Starch, 2011 Comforts of Home, 2009 Comforts of Home, detail, 2009 Comforts of Home, 2009